About Simple Steps

Get Informed, Be Engaged, Change the World with NRDC Simple Steps

Consumers are concerned about their health and well-being and hungry for credible information about their choices. Though the web is crowded with “green consumer” sites, there is no site that has behind it the authority held by NRDC. NRDC not only commands a leadership role in every environmental and health debate of our time, it is a globally recognized and trusted non-profit that boasts as its foundation a team of experts whose research, reporting and advocacy adhere to the highest standards. NRDC Simple Steps aims to fill this void in consumer information, and be the premiere "news-you-can-use" portal, the go-to info-site on how to be safe, be secure, live well at home and in your community.

The simple truth behind Simple Steps is that all this is really quite personal: How we live matters, what we eat matters, the products with which we clean our homes, our bodies and our pets matter, how we get to school or work matters. And what is most important is that we know that our personal actions matter, that we can be part of the solution. And so at Simple Steps, we strive to keep the focus on what matters most and what we can do to be safe, secure, healthy and happy.